We All Shine

The Digital Mirror

The Halo Digital Mirror is designed to enhance patient communication. Easily switch from illuminated examination to educational video streaming with one gesture.

  • Diffused front and back light
  • Active fogging prevention
  • Fixed-focus, wide-angle HD camera
  • ~30 grams

Educate and document with the Halo App

Meet the Halo App – designed for patient care. The included Halo App allows for instant streaming when connected to the Halo Digital Mirror, quick access to videos explaining conditions and a 3D model to show the consequences of inaction. Share videos, charts and more to start co-diagnosing with patients chairside and help foster active participation in oral health while developing targeted treatment plans.

Rebranding dentistry

The dental practice is where smiles get their glow. That should be celebrated. Learn more about the team that’s looking to make the dental experience a lot brighter.