Digital Mirror

Halo One Room+ Package

Halo One Room+ Package allows professionals to work all day with a fog-free dental mirror, an intraoral camera at their fingertips and a patient communication tool that improves understanding and acceptance of treatment plans.

  • 2Digital Mirrorsmultiple colors available
  • 4Batteriesmultiple colors available
  • 1Charger
  • 1Halo App
  • 1Articulating arm for the tablet
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A thoughtfully designed mirror

  • Pictures that are always in focus

    Rather than using autofocus, the Halo Digital Mirror uses fixed focus. Everything between 5 mm and 10 cm is crystal clear.

  • Paired and Standalone Options

    The Halo Digital Mirror works without being paired to the Halo App, but pairing it allows you to take pictures and stream video.

  • Weight and size

    Weighing in at about 30 grams and just a little wider and longer than a traditional mirror, you can use it comfortably all day.

  • Never fogs

    The integrated active heating system manages the mirror’s temperature to prevent fog from developing on the reflective surface.

  • Tap, double tap and whip

    Using simple gestures, switch from streaming or observing to taking photos.

The Camera

Meet our built-in camera: 800 x 800 pixel imagery, fixed focus and a worthy replacement for the intraoral camera. You’ll always get a clear, detailed picture, whether it be to explain observations to patients or document findings.

The best camera is the one you already have with you.

  • Fixed-focus (5 mm to 10 cm)
  • 120° wide-angle capture
  • Single tap or voice command to take pictures
  • Double tap or voice command to stream video

Built with wellness in mind

Improve posture

The integrated lighting promotes neutral positioning without dependency on external sources. This means less cotorting and adjusting.

30 grams

At 30 grams, the Halo Digital Mirror is no heavier than the traditional dental mirror, ensuring your hand muscles work less and your pinch force is minimized.

Halo App

The Halo App enhances the dental experience for both the dental professional and patient. Our solution simplifies co-diagnosis with patients while streamlining workflows for the dental professional including hand-offs and documentation.

Designed for everyday use

  • Battery change

    The Halo charger can charge six batteries simultaneously. Swap out empty batteries with charged ones, then place the disinfected empty battery back on the charger. Reconnection to the app happens automatically within seconds.

  • Sterilization and disinfection

    The digital mirror head can be sterilized in 15 minutes using a cassette autoclave (e.g., STATIMⓇ). Batteries must be disinfected with a disinfectant wipe before being placed back on the charger.

  • Changing the sapphire mirror

    Even though the reflective surface is made of sapphire – a much more durable material than those usually used for traditional dental mirrors – it may occasionally need changing. This is done using a specially designed tool to easily unscrew the worn surface and screw on a new reflective surface.

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