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Projected pricing per operatory or hygiene room

*Pricing is in USD and subject to change when the product is available for sale.

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    $10,000/kitTotal | $10,000

    Equip 1 room before committing to more.

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    $8,000/kitTotal | $24,000

    Equip 3–9 rooms and save between $6,000 to $18,000.

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    $7,000/kitTotal | $70,000

    Equip 10+ rooms to get our best quantity discount pricing.

What’s included

Seamless integration

Turnkey setup

The articulating tablet arm that is included allows patients who are lying down or seated to view the tablet. A one-step install to your current set-up is all it takes to start diagnosing chairside with your patients.

Easy-access charging station

Our charger can charge up to 6 batteries. With up to 35 minutes of continuous use and quick reconnection, you’ll have more than enough power to get you through the day.

Maintain existing sterilization process

Follow your sterilization protocols. Designed for your cassette autoclave, each room kit includes two mirrors to ensure one is always ready to go.

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